Training and Management of ECDE Programs

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Course Description

The study of administration and management of ECDE programmes is aimed at providing knowledge, skills and attitudes that facilitate effective sourcing and utilization of resources. Managers of any given programme should be conversant with administration and management procedures so as to be able to provide appropriate guidance to teachers, parents and the community. Skills in programme monitoring and evaluation are also necessary in enhancing efficient programme implementation.


By the end of this unit, you should be able to:

a) define terms related to management

b) analyze relevant center of management books and records

c) discuss management functions

d) discuss administrative functions on an ECDE center

e) analyze the role of a manager in an ECDE center

f) identify qualities of a good administrator

g) discuss challenges in the administration of an ECDE center

h) discuss ways of managing the challenges

i) identify and discuss emerging trend and issues in the administration of ECDE centers

j) evaluate the management of an ECDE center

k) describe the structure and functions of the ministry of education

l) explain the role of KIE, NACECE and DICECE IN ECDE

m) describe the procedure of establishing an ECDE center

n) discuss the role of stakeholders in the management of ECDE centers

o) discuss levels of training and aspects covered in ECDE

p) identify steps in planning and organization of a training programme

q) analyze training methods and techniques

r) demonstrate training methods and techniques

s) analyze techniques of assessing training session

t) discuss key aspects of supervision in ECDE programme