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Course Description

Humans are social beings that normally live in a defined social structure. Children therefore require to be brought up in a way that they can fit appropriately in the mainstream of the society.

Social studies entail the study of issues affecting the life of an individual in the society. This unit therefore aims at equipping you with appropriate knowledge, skills and change of attitudes so as to become useful members of their society and pass the same to the children.


By the end of this unit, you should be able to:

a) define the concept of social studies, socialization, community and society

b) discuss nature and scope of social studies

c) explain the importance of social studies in the ECDE

d) discuss objectives of social studies curriculum in ECDE

e) identify methods of teaching social studies

f) develop resources suitable for teaching social studies in ECDE

g) describe living values and life skills for young children

h) explain how living values and life skills can be developed in young children

i) plan a social studies programme for young children

j) discuss the impact of emerging issues in on ECDE

k) develop social studies assessment tools for ECDE