Physical Activities

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Course Description

Young children are naturally active, inquisitive and energetic. Movement provides children with an outlet for self-expression, creativity, discovery and through it children learn about themselves and their environment. Play and physical activities stimulate all aspects of growth and development. There is need to provide children with space, time and movement to freely explore their environment.


By the end of this unit, you should be able to:

  1. define terms related to physical and psychomotor activities.
  2. discuss the importance of physical/psychomotor activities in early childhood development.
  3. discuss objectives of teaching physical/psychomotor activities for young children.
  4. develop physical/psychomotor activities for young children.
  5. relate stages of child development to relevant physical/psychomotor activities.
  6. develop suitable resources for teaching/learning physical and psychomotor activities.
  7. discuss integration and interrelationship of physical/psychomotor activities with other learning areas.
  8. identify and adapt physical/psychomotor activities suitable for children with special needs.
  9. develop schemes of work and lesson plans for physical/psychomotor activities.
  10. describe effective teaching approaches suitable for young children.
  11. design effective assessment and evaluation procedures for children’s performance in physical and psychomotor activities.
  12. analyze the challenges in teaching physical and psychomotor activities.