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Language development is a key milestone in growth and development of children. This unit will address language and literature instruction and analyze language development as a system of human communication. It will also focus on new perspectives in language acquisition and learning in relation to the formal mastery of communication skills for effective listening , speaking, reading and writing. Further the unit will highlight the importance of encouraging children to enjoy reading. Finally, the unit will guide you on how to employ children’s literature in order to improve children’s linguistic skills.


By the end of the unit, you should be able to:

  1. define basic terms involved in the study of language.
  2. state objectives of teaching language to young children.
  3. discuss the role of language in communication.
  4. analyze various forms of human communication.
  5. describes the the modes of language acquisition in children.
  6. describe stages of language development in children.
  7. explain the role of language development in children.
  8. discuss the theories of language development in early childhood development and education.
  9. discuss the advantages of the first language.
  10. discuss basic language acquisitions skills in early childhood.
  11. demonstrate use of various methods of teaching reading and writing in pre-school and lower-primary.
  12. analyze methods of assessing children’s language achievement.
  13. describe the types of assessment records used in language learning.
  14. discuss language acquisition difficulties in children.
  15. discuss the language policy issues in Kenya.
  16. describe appropriate materials for language teaching.
  17. explain the role of children’s literature in the classroom setting.