Instructional and Learning Approaches

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Children are curious, active and learn by doing. Children learn spontaneously through play. Children grow and develop through their senses; they look, feel, listen, smell and taste. Through play and by use of their senses, children discover new knowledge and expand their ideas as they grow. Making a child enjoy the learning experience is the hallmark of a successful instructor and educational setting. If young children are to acquire skills, knowledge and develop desired attitudes in life then relevant and appropriate instructional methods have to be adopted. This course introduces you to certain instructional methods and activities in order to acquire the necessary knowledge to organize, plan and teach these activities to children. Therefore, play provides children with opportunities to explore, manipulate and experiment. This course therefore seeks to equip the student teacher with these basic and most practical instructional skills and knowledge as it relates within an early childhood educational context.


By the end of this unit you should be able to:-

a) Define terms related to learning approaches

b) Describe learning environments in ECDE

c) Describe various techniques of ECDE class organization and management

d) Analyze various instructional approaches

e) Discuss the importance of learning through play

f) Explain Thematic Integrated learning approach

g) Prepare schemes of work and daily lesson plans

h) Identify methods of assessing children’s learning abilities

i) Construct some themes and sub-themes used in ECDE centers

j) Develop learning materials related to various themes

k) Develop activities related to thematic integrated learning approach