Health, Nutrition and Care

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Course Description

Health, nutrition and care are essential aspects of growth and development of children. These aspects are interrelated and necessary for healthy growth and development. This unit focuses on maternal child health, primary healthcare, safety and protection, food security, child rearing practices, common childhood diseases, HIV and AIDS prevention and management. The unit provides useful practical experiences in ECDE.


By the end of the unit, you should be able to:

  1. explain the concepts: health, nutrition and care.
  2. discuss components of balanced nutrition.
  3. analyze major deficiency disorders, their causes, symptoms and preventive measures.
  4. discuss common childhood diseases.
  5. design strategies for improving health and nutrition of the child and the family.
  6. describe appropriate maternal and child health care services.
  7. explain the primary health care concept in relation to promotion of community health.
  8. compare traditional and modern child rearing practices in relation to promotion of community health.
  9. discuss the basic elements of child safety and protection.
  10. evaluate HIV and AIDS impact and intervention measures.