General Methods of Teaching Young Children and Material Development

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Course Description

In order for young children to learn and enjoy the activities effectively, appropriate methods and materials need to be used. The purpose of this unit is to equip you with various methods and materials of teaching and learning in ECDE centers. The unit examines the concepts of learning and teaching environment in ECDE as well as various approaches of planning and materials development of instruction. It also highlights various techniques of motivating and sustaining children`s interests learning through play, instructional resources and knowing the children. The unit introduces you to micro-teaching.


By the end of the unit, you should be able to:

  1. define concepts in teaching and learning.
  2. identify appropriate teaching/learning approaches in ECDE.
  3. demonstrate various learning/teaching strategies in ECDE.
  4. Describe various techniques of class organization and class control in ECDE.
  5. compare modern theories associated with instructional methods in ECDE.
  6. discuss various techniques of sustaining pupils interest.
  7. discuss purpose and elements of professional documents used in teaching.
  8. preparing schemes of work and lesson plans using the syllabuses and time tables.
  9. apply micro-teaching skills.
  10. identify relevant and safe teaching/learning materials in ECDE.
  11. develop and display materials for learning.
  12. discuss various techniques of assessing children`s achievement.