Fundamentals of Finance (ATD 2)

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Course Description

This unit covers the competencies required to manage finances in an organization. Competencies
include: Applying finance concepts in evaluating financial implications of relevant business decisions,
applying time value of money principles in evaluating financing and investment decisions, evaluating
appropriate source of business finance, applying appropriate capital budgeting techniques,
maintaining liquidity through appropriate working capital management, applying risk and return
concepts in making optimal investment decisions, identifying concepts that inform the dividend
decision making process and identifying finance and investment opportunities using Islamic finance


A trainee who takes this unit should be able to:

  1. Apply finance concepts to manage finance in an organization.
  2. Apply time value of money principles to evaluate financing and investment decisions.
  3. Determine the optimal cost of capital of an organization.
  4. Make capital budgeting decision using appropriate techniques.
  5. Make working capital management decisions using appropriate methods.
  6. Apply risk and return concepts to make optimal investment decisions.
  7. Identify concepts that inform the dividend decision making process.
  8. Apply valuation models to determine the value of securities.