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Course Description

The course in english language aims at paying special attention to the needs of ECD teachers in order to assist them to communicate confidently and effectively in both oral and written english. It is anticipated that the course will adequately prepare you to advance in your profession as you go through methodology and material development skills as well as arouse your desire for reading and writing.

It is important that you are encouraged to interact using english language in order to acquire and enhance the four language skills listening, speaking, reading and writing. It is therefore necessary for you not only to confine yourself within the learning activities suggested here but also make use of any other available but relevant materials and situations. In assisting you acquire communication skills, it is imperative that you are innovative and diversify their approaches and techniques of teaching english language.


By the end of this unit, you should be able to:

  1. describe the main characteristics of language.
  2. develop confidence, clarity and preciseness in communication.
  3. state the four basic language skills.
  4. discuss the development procedure of the four language skills.
  5. explain the language policy in Kenya
  6. identify main word classes and their uses
  7. state basic elements, patterns and forms of english language sentences.
  8. describe speech organs and their roles of language.
  9. demonstrate correct pronunciation, stress, intonation and expressions.
  10. identify stressed syllables and produce basic intonation patterns.
  11. discuss pre-reading and pre-writing skills and appropriate methods to teach them.
  12. discuss different parts of speech.
  13. identify methods of reading for leisure and getting information.
  14. develop notes from oral, print and electronic media.
  15. write legibly, meaningfully and logically to express ideas and concepts.
  16. identify and use various types of writing.
  17. develop appropriate teaching materials for english language.
  18. develop suitable teaching and learning experiences
  19. apply relevant teaching/learning methods.