Child Growth and Development I

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The study of child development helps you understand how children grow, develop and learn, and the factors which influence the same. Relevant child development theories on the unit are highlighted. The unit focuses on the growth and development of a child from conception to three years.


By the end of the unit, you should be able to:

a) Define relevant concepts related to child growth and development from conception to 3 years.

b) Differentiate child growth and child development

c) Evaluate development theories

d)Discuss aspects of growth and development

e) Describe the characteristics of growth and development

f) Develop milestone charts of growth and development from conception to the age of 3 years

g) Discuss stages of child development from pre-natal and post-natal

h) Describe brain development from conception to the age of 3 years

i) Discuss the activities that parents and the other caregivers can do to promote brain development of children below the age of three years

j) Explain factors influencing child early childhood growth and development.

k) Evaluate the importance of the early age

l) Discuss importance of investing in early years of child growth and development.

m) Identify types of plays in early childhood development and education

n) Explain the importance of play in child growth, development and growth learning

o) Promote and enhance play among young children

p) Describe the ways in which children learn

q) Analyze the role and challenges of caregivers